Key Service Offerings

Custom E-learning
Tailor-made learning content to improve business process and employee engagement.
Mobile Learning
We help learners learn from anywhere, anytime with mobile-friendly training content.
HTML 5 Conversion
Repurpose existing content into device-agnostic content for increased audience access.
Scenario Based Learning
We use interactive scenarios & games to enable active learning strategies for your employees.
Micro Learning
Bite-sized content nuggets to help learners consume information in a short amount of time.
Translation & Localization
We have the expertise to translate and localize global content into multiple regional languages.

E-Learning Content Development Model

We use the SAM instructional design model for creating e-learning content as the model  is iterative. It has three phases – preparation, design, development. Each phase follows an iterative process with constant communication between the design team and the stakeholders.